What are the Types of Casino Bonuses?

Online gambling has been gaining popularity among avid casino players, and continues to attract more internet users. For this reason, many online casinos have sprouted in the World Wide Web. Each of them conducts unique marketing strategies to gain more players. One common and effective strategy that these online casinos do is offering casino bonuses.

Online casinos like http://casinopånett.org utilize what is called casino bonus to entice players to start playing with them, invest money, and come back to play more. These casino bonuses look very attractive and favorable to players but in actuality, these are not entirely free. Most casino bonuses can only be obtained after completing the wagering requirements. This means that a player is required to wager the bonus for a couple of times before he can make any withdrawal.

There are diverse types of bonuses. Some are designed for new players while there are also those that are provided to loyal and consistent players. To make the most out of these bonuses, a player may need to know the different kinds of casino bonuses such as the ones listed below:
Welcome Bonus
From the term itself, a Welcome Bonus is offered to new players as a way of encouraging them to sign up with an online casino. This type of casino bonus is probably the most popular and is the most generous among the other kinds.
No Deposit Bonus
Through a No Deposit Bonus, a player is given the opportunity to play casino games without having to make any deposit. Even if a game is played for free because of the No Deposit Bonus, a player can still win some money.
Deposit Bonus
A Deposit Bonus is given when a player deposits a certain amount to his online casino account. Most of the time, deposit bonuses are linked to a certain payment scheme. This means that every time a player uses the specific payment method, a deposit bonus is gained.
Loyalty Bonus
To reward players who keep coming back to play more online casino games, online casinos provide what is referred to as Loyalty Bonuses. Each time a player places a bet, he automatically earn a certain number of points. Such points will determine a player’s VIP level. Once he reaches the senior VIP level, a Loyalty Bonus will be offered to him.

A player may or may not sign up for a casino bonus. There can be instances when a player may need to decline a certain bonus because it might not be necessary. It is important for a player to be knowledgeable about the terms and conditions before making any decision.